Monday, November 15, 2010

Internet Safety

This week, I got to read about internet safety for my class and found it really interesting. My post will be divided into two sections: Analyzing the articles I read, and then talking about my discussion with sister and her thought about raising a family in a world that is increasing with internet dangers.

Part 1

It's interesting because there is good and bad to everything in this world. The internet can be a dangerous place, but it can also be a wonderful place to obtain knowledge. I loved reading the LDS talk about the non-member Derik Fitch who searched "mormons" on his search engine and came across what he had been searching for his whole life! I think the church does a great job using the internet as a tool for good influence--particularly with the new lds site, the new website. As a future parent, I want to do everything I can to raise righteous children in the gospel. I think some of the majors things I could do as a parent as well as a teacher is to keep the computer in a public place, install spyware the computer, and most of all help the kids understand how important it is to know the dangers of internet safety.

Part 2

I got to talk my oldest sister who has six kids all under the age of 12....crazy!!! She was pretty savvy when it came to internet safety. She has the computer placed in the kitchen where there is high traffic for the family. She says that they have a special safety on the internet FHE every quarter of the year. I talked to her about how she could blog about the church and share her testimony through her blog and she said that she already was doing that....(successful sister). My sister is 34, has six kids, and lives in American Fork. We mostly just spoke about how much she desires to be good mother and raise righteous kids in the gospel, and one of the ways to achieve that was to keep them safe on the internet. It was a great experience--my sister and always have really great, deep, and rich conversations together.

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